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Welcome to my blog, kyle’s ethos. I realize that there are countless books, blogs and video blogs on the subject, and I wish to join in on the conversation. I think it is important we all join in on the conversation, after all we are all leaders in some capacity. Whether it is at work leading a team/company, or at home leading your family, or even learning to lead yourself. As with everything the first step is acknowledging that each of us has a role to play in leadership, and accepting the accountability and taking the ownership that comes with being a leader.

Accountability is often the most challenging, and most constant battle we face. It is important before we begin that we agree to start taking accountability of our own lives, and understand that every decision we make determines the things that happen to us. More to come on this, but the basic idea being if you do not like something happening in your life it is your response-ability to make decisions that lead you to a better path.

I believe leadership is a process, I don’t believe it is something you are born with.

Many people believe that it takes a special person to be a leader, I disagree, I do think some people may be more predisposed to leadership than others, but everyone is capable, they should take accountability of their own education, and learn how to lead.

The following are my  steps of leadership, or qualities every leader should actively pursue to continue their leadership development.

  1. Accept accountability. Take ownership.
  2. Actively seek wisdom.
  3. Create a habit of utilizing mental models.
  4. Serve the people you lead.
  5. Empower others to lead.
  6. Create and communicate goals effectively.
  7. Create a commitment culture.
  8. Understand you always have room for growth.
  9. Smart consistent effort.

These tenets are not, I repeat ARE NOT, goals that you will one day “accomplish,” instead these are qualities we should all feel empowered to actively pursue.

In this blog, I will seek to actively engage my readers, as I push to continue my own development as a leader. I look to express my thoughts, have meaningful conversation, and continue to learn through the online leadership community. If you have any questions, thoughts, or concerns please leave a comment.

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