Leadership Starts with Accountability

Accountability is my 1st tenet of leadership.

Everyone needs to first decide they are responsible for their own future. Sounds simple, but its not always as easy as it seems.

Ask your self these questions?

  1. Do I feel like I am where I am because of things that have happened to me?  (external locus of control)
  2. Or, do I feel like my current situation is based upon my own decisions?  (internal locus of control)

A vast majority of people will agree that they are responsible for their own future, yet will cite circumstances that are out of their control for reasons why they have not reached their goals.

Not making any decisions about where you are headed, is making a decision about where you are headed. NOWHERE! Or at least not some where you would like to go.

An external locus of control means that you feel your circumstances have impacted your life and your personal situation is out of your control.

As we continue to explore we will find that the more we frame decisions and outcomes into how we influenced situations, instead of how situations influenced us, will lead us to an internal locus of control and push us to take responsibility of our own actions. Sometimes making a simple decision is often the easiest way to get motivated to take control.

* If you believe external factors are to blame for your current situation, you have no hope, unless external forces change in your favor. What is the purpose of choosing (remember not making a choice, is still a choice) to believe your future is out of your control, you have no reason to work, learn, meet new people, or apple any effort towards your hopes and dreams. This diminishes the meaning in your life, as you have no reason to be motivated.

If that is the alternative, what do you have to lose in accepting accountability, response-ability and ownership of your own life. At least this way you have a way out, YOUR OWN DECISIONS. Take back the motivation to choose your own path.

Things can happen that are not under your scope of control, natural disasters, and death come to mind. However you do have the ability to choose a response. Which is how Stephen Covey (7 Habits of Highly Successful People) described responsibility.

If you can actively make decisions to lead yourself down the path you want to take, and choose your own response when things happen to you, you empower and motivate yourself to make of life, what you dreamed it could be. This is ownership! Sometimes people can be paralyzed by a big decision, often breaking your choice down into smaller decision is enough to get the ball rolling.

Personally, when I really take inventory of where I am, and what led me here, I try to frame my thoughts into things I did, or did not do, to really evaluate how I got where I am. This allows me to commit to taking ownership of my own life, and often leads me to make decisions that will lead me to where I want to be.

In the comments, please leave examples of things that maybe you have or have not done, that took you to places you did not really want to go, and what decisions you could of made that would have led you on a different path.

A personal example: I have a desire to get in better shape, I have thought about, and even imagined what that would feel and look like. A couple months ago I thought about everything I had done, or not done to make getting in-shape happen. I came to the conclusion that the foods I was choosing to eat does not help people get in-shape, and by eating the food I was, I was actively making the decision to not look and feel the way I wanted. My actions did not line up with my desires. And it was this type of thinking through my issues, and taking accountability that is allowing me, to lead myself down a path better suited for my goals.

If  you want to test this, make a decision to do something, that will begin to lead you down a path you want to go. Follow through, and see if taking ownership of that one thing begins to snowball you to a future you want to see. They say every journey starts with a step, but motivation starts with a decision to act.

If you would like to reach out personally to discuss anything my email is Kyle@kylesethos.com

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