Seeking Wisdom

Wisdom is defined as the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment; the quality of being wise. Please note having knowledge is a part of wisdom, but not the entire package. Wisdom is the application of experience and knowledge, resulting in good judgement.

We should all continually seek wisdom.

We all exist in a time where wisdom is abundant and constantly available.

We have no excuse, to not continually  become wiser. If we are truly taking ownership of our lives,  creating a habit of seeking wisdom, and constantly sifting for wisdom from those who are more wise than us, we are taking action to take accountability of our lives.

Seeking experience is the best way to become wise, putting yourself  into new situations that utilize different skills will make a lasting impact. When you experience things first hand, you tend to remember it, it makes it sticky.

In Chuck Vaynerchuk’s book “Crush It” he pointed out that if a child is only able to read two books a year, he is considered behind the curve, but if an adult were to read two books a year, they would be considered average. At what point in our lives do we completely give-up on the search for wisdom. Reading is the 2nd best way to gather wisdom, because there are endless books, blogs, and publications that offer wisdom relatively cheap.

THERE IS NO EXCUSE TO NOT READ. And yet, according to the Huffington Post 2014:

28% of Adults did not read a single book in 2014

42% of Adults did not read a non-fiction book in 2014

Why is not reading a badge of honor, after all you are only harming yourself…

If you have truly made the decision to take the lead in your own life, educating yourself is the first priority.

Knowledge, needs good judgement, it needs perspective, and when we put it all together we can utilize that “wisdom” to increase our ability to add a multiplier to the amount of work we do.

In Physics: (Work Done = Force × Distance) For our purposes I would change the equation to:

Work Done(Success) = (Work × How Long)^Wisdom

Depending on the amount, and type of wisdom we seek, wisdom could exponentially impact your work. Wisdom is able to have this exponential effect on our work, because we are able to pursue the right jobs, and apply the right effort. If we push ourselves to work as hard as we can, and we are continually seeking wisdom, the only other key to our success is persistence.

Most new ideas are recycled older ideas being combined differently or used in new ways. As we seek wisdom, and utilize our experiences to increase our good judgement, we can begin to make connections and utilize old knowledge in new ways to create solutions to other problems.

Creativity is formed when we make connections that have not been made before.

Seeking wisdom, is therefore an act of creativity. Those of us who have dedicated themselves to the action of seeking wisdom are able to act as a middle man, or idea broker, and find creative solutions to problems.

Seek Wisdom, if you have any further questions please email me at

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